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"I had a move from Maryland to Virginia due to accepting a job. I started building a house and when the house was just about finished I was laid off. I was unable to show proof of income, I was not able to get a home loan. I started a new job and while driving to work I over heard on the radio how you can save your home. I called and spoke with the people and I sold my house to the person so that I can get my income back on track and next year the company will sell me back my home. I was making payments to the person and he was not making any payments to the bank. When it was time to sell my house back to me the person wanted double what he sold it to me for. The bank took possession of the house and this is when i met Lucky Palmer. Lucky listened to me from sun up to sun down about my situation. Lucky is willing to work with you if you are serious about purchasing a home. He helped me get in contact with other people that needed to hear my story, and he worked with me from start to finish until I finally got my house back. Palmer Realty showed me a considerable amount of patience and endurance that everyone needs when purchasing a home. Palmer Realty is the best of the best in my book."

Rita Womack-Gilmore



  "I had always heard that buying a house (or any piece of property) can be overwhelming, intimidating, and exhausting. It seems like when you are considering buying a home and you ask for advice, what you start hearing are nightmares and horrifying experiences that this person or that person has had. With that said, I went into Palmer Properties absolutely scared. I did not know what to expect, what to say, how to act... As soon as I talked to Lucky, I calmed down. I wasn't really sure what type of home that I wanted or where I wanted the home to be located. Even so, Lucky was able to talk through the possibilities with me, research what was available, and forward information and pictures of houses that might be of interest to me. Through this process, we were able to narrow down and begin looking at houses. Lucky was willing to show me as many houses as I wanted to see, and I never felt like there was any pressure to make a decision or to move forward in the process. After looking at several houses, Lucky approached me and and said that he knew we hadn't talked about it, but that there was a house he wanted to show me. The moment (and I do mean the absolute very first moment) I walked into this house I fell in love. So, I guess you could say he knew me better than I knew myself? Less than 24 hours after viewing the house, I made an offer, and 24 hours after my initial offer, I signed a contract, from ordering inspections, to getting in contact in agreement with the seller. Lucky walked me through the entire process after signing that contract, from ordering inspections, to getting in contact with a mortgage company. He was always there and willing to answer any question that I might have had. By the time closing arrived, I was absolutely prepared, knew exactly what I was signing, and I was completely happy. I love my house, and I have Lucky Palmer to thank. I would definitely recommend Palmer Properties to anyone who is in the market to buy or sell. One last thing... when someone asks me how I feel about buying a home, you will definitely not hear a word about a nightmare or horrifying experience... Palmer Properties makes sure that the process of purchasing a home is as least stressful as it possibly can be & that at the end of the day, we all go home with a smile on our faces :)"

Jennifer Whitlow



  " To begin with, Delores and I would like to thank Debbie for her hard work in selling our house as fast as she did. This was not our first dealing with Debbie, she sold us this house when we got married. We received the same dedication and hard work from her then to help us find this house. Dealing with Debbie was more than just dealing with a Realtor, it was like working with a friend that you had known your entire life. Debbie's personality made a financial arrangement seem more personal than business. I don't think that we could have gotten the same thoughtfulness and professionalism combined in any other Realtor. That is why if we have any other real estate business in the future, it will be handled by her. Thank you Debbie."

Bobby and Delores Lloyd



  "Debbie Palmer was an excellent Realtor. I knew it would be difficult to find a home that was in my price range but she was very dedicated in helping me find what I was looking for. Debbie was very professional and friendly throughout it all. I will recommend Palmer Properties of Va to my friends and family. I am very pleased with my home. Thanks Debbie for going that extra mile for me." 

Bobbie Hudkins



  "Debbie and Lucky Palmer were there for me for many months while searching for the right home for me. Service and staff were always top notch. I will use the team at Palmer Properties of VA again! I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means everything to me that my son loves the house I purchased. Debbie made that possible." 


Lisa Lowery and Jordon Ridgeway



  A word from Betty and Ernest for the Palmer Properties Team...... "On behalf of my husband and I, we don't have enough words to thank you and your agents for the time, patience and caring that you all gave to us." "Hats off to Jill, for starting things to become what they ended up with, which was happiness." "I know that I was a pain sometimes, asking to see house after house, but you all never let me down." "I've given your company name 100% praise." "Thanks so much for all the help that was given from you to us."

Ernest and Betty Womack



  Robin Jennings and family purchased their first investment property from Palmer Properties of VA. Good Luck to them, we are sure that made a good investment and will do extemely well with their endeavors!




  Congratulations to Scarlett Smith and B.J. Moore on the purchase of their first home in Seven Oaks. Here is what they had to say about purchasing a home through Palmer Properties of VA. 
"Debbie Palmer was such a wonderful help during the purchase of our new home. Being first time home buyers, it was important for us to find a Realtor that would explain every aspect of the homebuying process. Debbie led us every step of the way."

Scarlett Smith and B.J. Moore



  " Lucky Palmer kept me informed of how things were going. He was very friendly and honest. He was also always on schedule and very professional. I would recommend Palmer Properties of VA to all my friends and family. Thanks so much for everything." 





  "It was such a pleasure working with Cheryl Thompson. She was very hardworking and caring. She made buying a house such a pleasure. We would recommend her to anyone."

Delpresto and Carbone Families



  Ron & Judith Miller found their dream home the "Historical Properties" website, one of the many different websites Palmer Properties of VA utilizes to sell their homes. The Millers relocated to South Boston from Kings George, Va. Judith makes custom furniture and custom draperies for historical homes, and Ron is an accomplished science fiction writer and artist. Visit them at www.black-cat-studios.com and preview Judith's furniture live atwww.retrolounge.us
Here is what the Millers had to say about their experience with Palmer Properties of VA. 
"Debbie went the extra mile for us from the get-go. We couldn't have been more pleased with not only the professionalism and detail with which she handled our purchase of our dream house, but the help and advice she's given so generously to a couple who are total strangers to the area. We already feel like we've lived here for years!"

Ron & Judith Miller



  "Debbie Palmer took the time on her weekends to show us many of the homes that were available in the South Boston area. She also assisted us in becoming acclimated to the community. She has been a great help in our transition with our move to the area."

Jan & Joe Edwards



  "This was our third attempt to sell our house. Our family had outgrown the house, and Debbie sold it in less than 3 months and helped us find our new home! We would never hesitate to use their services again if we ever decide to Buy or Sell in the future. Debbie and Lucky make a great team!"

Steve and Dorothy Satterfield



  "Joyce Thomas is a great agent, she helped me a lot with whatever I needed to know and helped me feel comfortable with the whole process involved in buying a house. I will gladly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a house and Palmer Properties to anyone wishing to sell. It has been a pleasure working with her. Thanks again."

Mike & Cynthia Spainhour



  "My experience in working with Palmer Properties of VA LLC was that Debbie guides you through the process of buying and selling your home. I said also buying because she helped me buy my first home. She is with you every step of the way, and when I wanted to sell she was the one I wanted because of how she helped me with my first. I want to say this again Deb: Thank you for all you have done. I thank God for you and your loving spirit. I wish you much success in your business.

Sharon Thomas



  "It was a pleasure working with Lucky Palmer of Palmer Properties of VA in acquiring our farm property here in Halifax County. He was courteous, prompt, and very patient with us throughout the entire experience. 
He was very informative and forth-coming not only regarding the many properties we looked at but also of the local area in general. In addition we are using more than a few of his referrals and will always consider him a great source of information. 
All in all we greatly apprecitate his expertise and professionalism!"

Joe and Joe, Jr. Foster



  "When we were out shopping for a home, things were a little hard at first. Then one day we went to an open house that Cheryl Thompson was showing. She was so nice and friendly and understood exactly what we wanted. She wrote down all of our information. Then, one day unexpectedly, we received a call from her. She had several houses to show us, some we liked and some we didn't. She didn't stop there. She worked hard along with her busy schedule to find us just what we wanted. If we had do it all over again we would definitely call Cheryl at Palmer Properties of VA. She was very courteous and professional. Thanks to Cheryl we are in our dream home."

Birgit Smith



  "Lucky Palmer worked with me on every detail on buying a house. He is a first class businessman. He would call and let me know every detail as to where my loan was at and what to expect and what I needed to do. I just can't say enough about what he did for me. Buying a house can be very complicated, but Lucky is such a good person he carried me right through it. If you are looking to buy a house, then Lucky Palmer is the only way to go. He's a truthful and honest person. Thanks, Lucky, for everything."

Sabrina Reeves



Dear Debbie and Lucky, 
Bill and I would like to thank you for being so patient and understanding while answering all the questions concerning the property we recently bought through your company. We will highly recommend you to others that are in need of a real estate agent. Thanks again for all you and your company did for Bill and me.

Wanda Newton & Billy Dempsey



  " Our experience with Palmer Properties was a good one. They stood by us from the beginning to the end. No matter what time of day, sometimes at night and even on the weekends, Jill was there for us to answer questions and ease our minds about different situations. She gave us 110% and we're really thankful for her. 
We were so close to the closing date, then, unfortunately, the house went into foreclosure. Debbie called us in to discuss options and solutions so we could still get this house. Lucky and Jill went with us to the auction to support us, and in the end we got the house we were determined to get, thanks to them. 
They are such wonderful and professional people, and I highly recommend them to help find the home of your dreams."

Kelvin Carden & Tonya Smalls



  "Everybody told me how difficult and stressful buying a house was. I disagree with all of them. Yes, it was a little stressful, but not overwhelming. Debbie Palmer made it a breeze for me. I felt like she was very prompt and professional, but at the same time warm and caring of my needs. I knew she was trying to get me the best deal possible, and when I was unhappy or confused with anything she willingly explained and made changes. When I buy my next house I will definitely return to Palmer Properties of VA."

DeAnna Leader



  "I have had several sales and purchases through Palmer Properties over the last year and have been well pleased at each experience. Palmer Properties is locally owned and operated so they were easy to reach by phone or in person when I needed to speak with them. They are very knowledgeable about the area as well as financial options that are available. I have enjoyed dealing with them, and I am looking forward to working with them in the future. I would recommend Palmer Properties to anyone needing to buy or sell Real Estate."

Linda Cole



  "Our experience with Joyce Thomas and the entire Palmer Properties staff has been one of a kind. They made our whole home buying experience easy and painfree. We called on a Sunday afternoon to look at one of their listings, and by Sunday night, we had seen the house, placed a bid, and been accepted to buy. 
Joyce was extremely thoughtful and helpful during our homebuying. She stayed in contact throughout the process without having an overly aggressive sales tactic. I would most definitely recommend Joyce and Palmer Properties to anyone thinking of buying a new home."

Jason & Jessica Snead



  "Lucky and Debbie Palmer care about their clients and do their very best to answer any questions that may arise during the home buying process. I found them to be true professionals. Any situation was handled efficiently and effectively. They strived to do their very best until a property that was right for me was found. I would definitely recommend their real estate company to anyone searching for a home."

Sandra Claiborne



  "Debbie Palmer has been an excellent Realtor to us. She listened to us and helped us find a home in our price range and an area we wanted while working very hard for us since we were relocating from Alabama to Virginia. She was dedicated in helping us find the home of our dreams, she worked extra hours due to our situation, living out of state. We would recommend her to anyone in search of a home. Debbie is more than a Realtor, a true friend who had our best interest in mind. 

Thanks Debbie!"

Danny and Mary Pike



  "My experience with Palmer Properties of Virginia has been highly positive. I worked with Debbie Palmer, and I found her to both very accessible and responsive to my needs as a buyer. She maintained a professional manner and, at the same time, was friendly and helpful. In addition, Debbie "went the extra mile" to make sure this transaction ended successfully. I am very pleased with the home I've purchased from Palmer Properties and would highly recommend this real estate firm to anyone interested in buying or selling a home."

Linda Larkin



  "We are real pleased with the way Palmer Properties handled and presented our house. They kept us informed of all showings. Debbie Palmer showed a lot of energy and enthusiasm from the very beginning. Even before we listed the house she seemed very interested in selling it." 

"We WILL recommend Palmer Properties in the future!"

Johnny and Dianne Dease



  "We were amazed when we received an offer on our house on ONLY 3 days. Everything went smoothly and I commend Debbie and Lucky on their knowledge and expertise in real estate. I would recommend them to all my friends and family." 

Sherwood and Shiela Forlines



  Congratulations to the Fabian family from Pennsylvania! Robyn Fabian began her search for a home in our area through the internet. She found Debbie and Lucky's website and asked them for help in their relocation. The Fabian's settled in Sutherlin where Debbie and Lucky were able to help them find the perfect home. Welcome Bruce, Robyn and son Andrew, we are so glad you are here! 

Fabian Family



  " Debbie, you have made what could have been a real ordeal seem easy as pie, and I am so very very grateful. " You have a real talent for your chosen field and the caring attitude to make it a success for everybody. " Well done girl" 

Jere Brown



  " Today I feel like the reason I am a homeowner is because Debbie Palmer and all her help." " My credit was a mess and Debbie showed me how to repair my credit and mange my finances so I could be able to afford a home." " I feel like to this day she help me make my dream come true!" 

Doris, Blanche, and David Jones



  " The best part about working with Debbie and Lucky was their availability." " They are an awesome team and really listened to our needs." " They offered great advise and together we came up with a highly effective strategy to get our house sold." " Two for the price of one-you can't beat that!"

Misty Cook



  " Debbie and Lucky have been great to work with." " I would recommend them to anyone who needs to buy or sell." 

C.J. Hall



  " Debbie and Lucky Palmer worked very hard to sell our home." " What made it sell was that Debbie decided to STAGE our house. She worked tirelessly to get it ready for the open house. The staging was 100% successful, We had 3 offers in a week after she staged our home!" " Thank you Debbie and Lucky Palmer, we are on our way out of VA. Debbie and Lucky are both great Realtors." 

Barrett and Dawn Kahl



  "Lucky, we want to thank you for all your help in getting our property sold.We appreciated the fact that you always called promptly when we had a question or a problem.We would certainly recommend you to anyone."


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